BUSSQ has partnered with CoverCard to provide solutions to assist our members looking for work and employers in the recruitment of their blue-collar workforce.

CoverCard exists for workers, employers and service providers to improve the job search, recruitment and training of qualifications-based jobs across Australia.

BUSSQ Members

BUSSQ and CoverCard are offering a FREE service, which allows you to easily manage your qualifications and build your career.

Join CoverCard now to have access to:

Professional resume builder - quickly and simply create job applications.

Apply from your phone - send your info to any employer in a couple of clicks.  

Expiry reminders - get notified before your qualifications expire.

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BUSSQ Employers

CoverCard is offering BUSSQ employers three months unlimited use of their products at no cost and with no commitment.

Try CoverCard’s technology and see how you could simplify your recruitment and compliance processes with their two employer products:

Job applicant filtering - instantly filters job applicants against ticket, license and trade criteria.

Talent pooling - simplifies ongoing workforce recruitment and compliance. 

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